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Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort mixed traditional Japanese elements and modern style together.
Our vision is Home Sweet home and ORA GA MURA which means human can live together with nature . We aim to serve the best to our customer in Japanese hospitality OMOTENASHI.
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About the Lake Shirakaba

Lake Shirakaba is located at the western foot of Mt.Tateshina-yama (8,301 feet) in the northern part of Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, and belongs to Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park. It is 9m deep and about altitude 1,416 meters.

Shirakaba Resort is located on the highland. Nature , fresh air , Lake Shirakaba and mountain views are the core factors. It is a well-known summer resort for local and also ski-lover winter holiday travel destination.

Traveler can rent a canoe to enjoy the view on the lake. Also, cycling or jogging is a good choice too!
Experience the outdoors of Lake Shirakaba!

The spirit of OMOTENASHI

OMOTENASHI is the a philosophy of Japanese hospitality which providing outstanding hospitality as the original meaning is to entertain guests wholeheartedly.

In Japan, you can find many Omotenashi everywhere such as in hotel or store, restaurant, transportation , etc. You will hear "welcome" and "thank you" with smile very time when you enter to shop. Even you do not know Japanese, you may feel their friendly welcome.

Our hotel staff are able to offer in English and Chinese speaking hospitality service.

Welcome to Ikenotaira Hotel & Resort to experience the spirit of OMOTENASHI.


Spring is the best season to start to plan some outdoor activities.

In the shirakaba resort, you can rent a bike to cycling along the lake and ride a swan boat on the lake. Walking around and breathing with fresh air in nature environment to have special day with family and friends in your vacation.

swan boat on the lake


The location is on about altitude 1,416 meters highlands so the weather is very nice in every season. Even in summer, there is about advantage 26 degree. Therefore, it is a famous summer resort in Japan.

Would you imagine flower carpet is under your foot ?

You can take the chairlift to watch the number of flower. Reaching on the top, you can see the mountain of Tateshina-yama which is known as one of the Best 100 Japanese Mountains. There are many Japanese white birch trees surrounding the mountain.


Also, Shirakaba resort have a amusement park -Familyland. It is opened from April to November.



The view of Lake Shirakaba is changing from September to November. Tree leaves coloring is turning to be gold and yellow.

The weather of autumn is suitable to go hiking. Nearby Shirakaba Resort, you can find many routes and country parks for hiking.


In Shirakaba resort, there are two ski slopes for beginner and advanced level. We have ski rental shop located right next to the ski resort too! There are ski equipment providing for kids to adults.

We also have snow park that you can rent a sled to have fun!


In addition, there are 2 in 1 ski resort and Karumayama Ski resort nearby hotel We provide free shuttle bus to access to those two resorts in winter season. In comparing with Shirakaba resort, they are large scale ski resorts and suitable for beginner to professional level.

2 in 1 ski resort

Karumayama Ski resort

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